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How would you like to lose weight and transform your body, mind and spirit in just 10 days? Combining the Bible's ancient wisdom with the best of modern science, The Maker's Diet Revolution unveils an eating plan that can help you shed unwanted pounds, while cleansing and detoxifying your body. More than just a diet, The Maker's Diet Revolution will help you power your mind, supercharge your spirit and walk in a lifetime of favor and blessings.

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The Maker's Diet Revolution unveils an eating plan that can help you shed unwanted pounds, while cleansing and detoxifying your body. More than just a diet, The Maker's Diet Revolution will help you power your mind, supercharge your spirit and walk in a lifetime of favor and blessings.

Q: How is The Maker's Diet Revolution different from The Maker's Diet?

A: The Maker's Diet Revolution expands upon the principles of The Maker's Diet, including: • Eat what God created for food
• Don't alter God's design
• Don't let any food or drink become your idol
In addition, rather than a 40-day health plan outlined in The Maker's Diet, the new Maker's Diet Revolution is a 10-day partial fasting and cleansing program designed to "jump start" your health and renew your mind, body and spirit.

Q: Is this a vegan diet?

A: The 10-day cleansing program is vegan while the long term maintenance plan is for both vegans and non-vegans alike.

Q: Why is The Maker's Diet Revolution 10-day program effective?

A: The 10-day plan embraces the body's natural cycles by employing the ancient strategy of regular cleansing and building. The Maker's Diet Revolution emphasizes two simple strategies: Get the "good" in (nutrients) Get the "bad" out (toxins)

Q: How many calories per day will I consume on the 10-day plan?

A: You will consume approximately 1,200 to 1,500 nutrient dense calories per day.

Q: How much weight can I lose?

A: When an initial focus group of 400 people committed to the diet, the average weight loss in 10 days was 14.5 pounds for males and 8.3 pounds for females.

Q: Why is the plan referred to as "The Daniel Diet?"

A: While on a mission trip to India, Jordan was inspired by a vision God gave him of a healthy diet plan similar to what Daniel and his three friends consumed in biblical times nearly 2,600 years ago.

Q: What is "pulse," as described in biblical times?

A: In biblical times, pulse was described as all leguminous plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and grains.

Q: What are the Beyond Organic foods mentioned in the book? Do I need these in order for the diet to work?

A: Although Jordan suggests specific foods, beverages, snacks and supplements that he regularly consumes and that are produced on his Beyond Organic ranches, you can have success with the diet with items purchased at your grocery store or farmer's market. Those interested in convenience or consuming the healthy foods Jordan has formulated, look to the Beyond Organic products featured on this website. Q: What are some signs that the fast is working?

A: Physically, since your body will begin to detoxify, you may experience a coated tongue, headaches, bad breath, body odor, digestion and elimination changes, fatigue, and even the sniffles. This means the fast is working! Remember, any side effects are temporary and your reward of better health is only days away!

The following is an excerpt from Jordan Rubin's new book, Maker's Diet revolution:

In the following pages of The Maker’s Diet Revolution, I’ll expand on three principles, or pillars, of biblical health. They are:

  • 1. Eat what God created for food.
  • 2. Don’t alter God’s design.
  • 3. Don’t let any food or drink become your idol.

The inspiration for these three principles comes from Rex Russell, M.D., author of What the Bible Says About Healthy Living. Dr. Russell was a mentor and a good friend of mine right up until his death in 2009. The truth is that the Bible has a definition of food and a definition of filth. This is clearly laid out in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 as it pertains to animal foods. In addition, there are many items in our modern diet that are made exclusively of laboratory-created chemicals. These are clearly not partof the Creator’s eating plan. God did, however, create—for us to enjoy— wonderful foods that are teeming with nutrients, beneficial compounds, and best of all, great taste.

Not altering God’s design has to do with how food is grown, raised, pro- cessed, and prepared. For plant foods, I’m referring to what we do before seeds are planted in the ground, while the food is growing, and after the food is harvested.

Let’s talk about how food starts in the fields. The rise of Big Agriculture in the last century means that fewer and fewer farmers are growing more and more food on larger and larger plots of land. To increase crop yields and to get the most of their acreage, large-scale farming operations plant seeds containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are resistant to insect infestation.

If you’ve heard of genetically modified foods but are not sure what they are, you should know that these crops have been genetically engineered using the latest molecular biological techniques. In other words, these seeds were modified in the laboratory by taking genes from one organism and inserting them into another to make them grow higher, larger, denser, and more resis- tant to pests.

The problem is that we’re using molecular engineering to force genetic information across the protective species barrier in an unnatural way. While the idea of creating pest-resistant plant species is laudable, the problem is that scientists have successfully added genes to foods that weren’t originally part of that food’s creation, which changes the DNA of the crop.

As of this date, these laboratory-created mutations have not been subjected to any sort of rigorous testing on humans, but genetically modified foods have been linked to toxic and allergic reactions causing sickness and sterility in livestock, which is why they are banned as food ingredients in Europe and other nations. Even though we don’t have scientific studies outlining just how detrimental the short-term or long-term effects will be, we do know that GMO crops demand higher levels of toxic herbicides and pesticides, which go straight into the food you eat—and straight into your stomach and ultimately your bloodstream.

Bottom line: GMO foods offer no benefits, only health risks. But if you’re like most people, you’re probably unknowingly exposing yourself to these excessive toxins sneaked into your food. Stop being a victim today. Another form of altering God’s design is hybridization, which is taking two species from the same plant family and grafting them together. In the animal world, we would call this selective breeding, but in the plant world, you’re basically creating a new species.

A prime example of hybridization would be seedless watermelons, which were created in the laboratory by a Japanese scientist who figured out that pollinating plants with a normal complement of chromosomes with a plant genetically modified with double the number of chromosomes would produce a fruit that lacked seeds. What’s more is that watermelon patches and every other conventional crop are subjected to pesticides and herbicides to battle insects and pests that damage the crops. Crop-duster planes routinely douse crops with chemicals that are toxic, resulting in a less healthy food supply. In addition, synthetic fertilizers used to replenish soil fertility may stimulate rapid plant growth, but they bring along unintended consequences. These fertilizers are made up of nitrogen salts, which return little, if any, vital minerals to the soil and actually cause micronutrient imbalances. Thus, the nutritive value of foods grown in our soils has declined significantly in the last hundred years.

The use of pesticides and herbicides extends to the meat and dairy we eat as well. These days, cattle, chickens, and “farm-raised” fish are fattened on feed containing unhealthy chemicals as well as antibiotics that are added to compensate for the unsanitary and deplorable living conditions on factory farms. To add insult to injury, the majority of U.S. livestock are loaded with hormones and growth promotants that contaminate meat and dairy—a prac- tice that can lead to serious health challenges in humans, especially children and teenagers. Another example of how we alter God’s design for food is the way the “genius of man” has figured how to prepare, manufacture, cook, microwave, and market mass-produced foods in ways that are terribly unhealthy for us. Too many of the so-called foods sold in our nation’s supermarkets are not really food because they are made from synthetic and processed ingredi- ents to produce a more competitively priced product with a longer shelf life. These ingredients have been stripped clean of nutrients and pumped up with additives and preservatives. I’m talking about vegetable oils, frozen pizza, ice cream, processed cheese, potato chips, cookie dough, white bread, dinner rolls, snack foods, doughnuts, candy, salad dressing, margarine, and much more. The list is endless.

The final principle—to not let any food or drink become your idol— refers to how we are addicted to foods and beverages in the American culture. It doesn’t matter if you’re a churchgoer or not, but we’re a people who eat early and eat often. We wake up and march like zombies, either to the kitchen to make coffee or driving to a local coffee shop. We sit down to big breakfasts with eggs, pancakes, sausage, and hash browns; enjoy bacon deluxe burgers and fries at lunch; and dine on hubcap-sized platters of food in the evening. And then there’s snacking on chips and cookies before and after meals.

Sugar or salt, we love them both, and caffeine—well, it can be considered the most widely abused drug in the world. Coffee is the most popular bever- age in the United States—even above bottled water. On average, Americans drink 400 cups of coffee annually. As overwhelming as that number is, it’s nothing compared to our need for a salty snack or a sugar fix.

For many, life is justifying the next ice cream.

Got a promotion? Go get an ice cream to celebrate.

Got laid off? Get an ice cream to make you feel better.

Our addiction to food means we are consuming too many calories and chemicals that our bodies can’t handle. Something has to give, and, unfortu- nately, it’s our health.

I believe it’s critical to return to our Maker’s plan for eating healthy. We are God’s temple, and He cares about us and what we eat and what we do. He wants us to live long, healthy lives so that we can be beacons of light to a lost generation for as long as we can.

That can happen if you follow the Maker’s Diet Revolution eating plan.

The Maker’s Diet Revolution eating plan embraces the body’s natural cycles by employing the ancient strategy of regular cleansing and building.

When it comes to health, there are only two governing principles, which are agreed upon by virtually every health expert:

1. Get the good in, meaning we must get nutrients into the appro- priate cells of the body’s organs and tissues.

2. Get the bad out, meaning we need to stimulate the excretion of toxins out of the body.

These twin goals can be accomplished by cleansing, which is the body’s way to rid itself of toxins, and building, which is the body’s way to create and effec- tively restore healthy organs, tissues, bloodstream, lymphatic system, and digestive tract, building strength within the body and fortifying a defense system against invaders such as toxins.

I will devote the first part of The Maker’s Diet Revolution to cleansing the body.

The cleansing process is the key to a healthy body, and we were created to undergo a specific cycle of cleansing and building to break down waste and to build up strength. If you look back into history at the natural health experts of the past—even to the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates—they all said that removing waste from the body is the starting point for good health.

Cleansing is not something you do every once in a while. Cleansing is something the body does every day, whether you like it or not or whether you cooperate or not. That said, cleansing comes in many forms. You may not realize this, but what we call the common cold—congestion and mucus expulsion—is the body’s proactive reaction, ridding itself of germs and invad- ers and a form of cleansing.

The Maker’s Diet Revolution will put you on the fast track to experienc- ing the many benefits of cleansing, which will be accomplished quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily following the ancient traditions of the world’s healthiest people.

Building up the body is the second pillar of The Maker’s Diet Revolution as well as the second part of this program. You build your body by fortifying the body’s “terrain” or transforming the internal environment. Toxins can’t live in a healthy body with a healthy terrain. This explains why five people can go to a restaurant, order a large fish entrée to be served family style at the table, and three get sick from ingesting an overabundance of bacteria while two were okay.

Since they ate the same fish, why were some doubling over in pain two hours later and some were sleeping just fine? The difference was their terrain.

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