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From Jordan Rubin: "Many people were surprised to find out I’ve spent the last five years of my life as an organic farmer. They shouldn’t be.

" I’ve always been passionate about food—and beginning in 2009, I pursued a lifelong dream to learn about nutrition from the ground up. In 1998, I formulated my first dietary supplement—a powerful probiotic containing plant- based minerals, fermented veggies and beneficial micro-organisms in an attempt to help others supplement their diet with critical compounds found in healthy soil. But it wasn’t until I became an organic farmer that I truly appreciated just how important building organic topsoil is for our future generations.

"Certified Organic and Non GMO are no longer an “option”—they are demanded. I had a vision and a passion to do more than just beat the drum for change—I wanted to participate in creating a new model of sustainable, regenerative agriculture. I’m just as passionate about developing nutritional formulas that are rooted in traditional wisdom, while relying on the best that modern science and technology have to offer. I founded Get Real Nutrition to deliver real food nutrients in harmony with the land and to lead a revolution of regeneration in body, mind and planet. It’s time to get serious about our health and the health of our planet for generations to come—It’s Time To Get Real!"

*Real Food *USDA Certified Organic
*GMO Free *Gluten Free
*Vegan *Sprouted
*Fermented *Allergen 8 Free
*Hand-Cultivated *Eco-Regenerative Packaging

How to understand this product line:

1. There are 4 categories: Super Juices, Multi Vitamins, Omegas and Probiotics.

2. There are 4 "food" groups in each category : Brain health, Immunities, Fitness and Cleansing.

So, you first decide which group best describes your health concerns. Then you buy the "foods" in that category that you feel would best be a help to you. The different "foods" in each category do NOT have the same ingredients so, to get the best benefit, it would be optimum to have all 4 "food" groups in that category.


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