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When we consume organic fermented botanicals brimming with secondary and fermentation metabolites, we inherit the very power of nature and receive an overall health boost.

Every ingredient in Multi Metabolite formulas are cultivated by the MycoBiome Transformation system, drawing on time-tested principles of ermentation and sprouting and the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism to unlock the health potential in foods and juices. Each Multi Metabolite formula packs a powerful fermentation punch by providing secondary and fermentation metabolites from organic botanicals fermented by multicellular organisms in a completely natural process.

A nutritional supplement should be something we consume to provide us nutrients and beneficial compounds that are lacking in the diet.

But what is a healthy, complete diet? In short, I believe it’s one that provides you and your body with the nutrients and beneficial compounds it needs to be healthy; all coming from a variety of healthful foods and botanicals such as herbs and spices.

Granted, people are certainly lacking in overall nutrition due to their modern, processed, fast food diets, but they still manage to get a certain amount of nutrients, including some important vitamins and minerals.

Don’t get me wrong. A good multi can be helpful for vitamin and mineral deficiencies that occur due to a substandard diet, but more importantly, I believe that what our standard (yet substandard) diets are blatantly deficient in are metabolites. In fact, I am convinced that metabolites are what connect the health of our ancient past to our current and future wellness—we’re missing out on them in our daily diets and you won’t find them in your typical multivitamin and mineral supplements.

In short, metabolites are the oldest and newest way to achieve optimal health. By way of definition, metabolites fall into two categories, secondary plant metabolites and fermentation metabolites.

Plants create secondary metabolites as a sustainable shield protecting them from the dangers of their environment. Metabolites such as Curcuminoids from Turmeric, Withanolides from Ashwagandha, Anthocyanins from Chia, Ginsenosides from Ginseng and EGCG from Green Tea increase the plants overall ability to survive and overcome challenges. And while that may be a bit on the technical side, you can see that metabolites are part of the natural functions of cells in plants, animals, humans and even microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

Much like the production of secondary metabolites by plants, during the process of fermentation, beneficial microorganisms interact with foods, herbs and spices to create fermentation metabolites, including beta-glucans, antioxidant enzymes and important vitamins and minerals to ensure their survival.

This mycelial fermentation process liberates secondary plant metabolites and creates fermentation metabolites in a living mycological biomass replete with nutritive compounds rarely consumed in our daily diets.

Primal Defense and Omegazyme
Primal Defense and Omegazyme
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