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Habitual intake of a diet high in refined and highly processed foods leads to accumulation of toxins, increased contact time, and damage to the lining of the gut due to constipation and higher pressures developing inside the bowel. In plain language, such foods gunk up the digestive tract like a mass of cookie dough in a garbage disposal. Enough already! That’s what the body is saying after years, if not decades, of abuse. If the digestive system isn’t given a chance to restore itself—through body therapies known as cleansing and fasting—then digestive-related disorders and diseases can and will occur, affecting the very core of how the body grows, repairs itself, gains energy, and reaches its perfect weight.

This is why Jordan Rubin strongly recommends that you embark on something he calls the Perfect Cleanse—a ten-day detoxification and cleansing system at the start of your Perfect Weight Diet. He recommends a cleanse be done four times a year. The Perfect Cleanse combines a revolutionary ten-day detoxifying eating plan and a ten-day, three-step cleansing supplement system aimed at purifying, capturing, and removing toxins from the body.

You can find out more details in Perfect Weight America, but the Perfect Cleanse starts with an eating plan tailored to the seasons. In the winter, you eat a homemade chicken soup for much of the day, followed by a healthy salad at night. In the spring and fall, you eat chicken soup, fruit, and a healthy salad, and during the hot summer, your diet revolves around fruit during the day and a healthy salad for dinner. You can take your cleanse to the next level by taking a Garden of Life product called Perfect Cleanse, which works naturally in the digestive track to contribute to overall health and wellness. If you’ve never tried this type of cleanse, Jordan urges you to view this like a spring cleaning, a chance to complete an—ahem—top-to-bottom scrubbing of every nook and cranny of your digestive tract. You need to reduce the toxic load that has built up over the years from exposure to toxins in the air, water, and food. Excess toxins can make you feel lethargic and impact your health in many ways.

The Perfect Cleanse is a series of patent-pending formulations over a ten-day period that works by assisting the trapped toxins to move smoothly through the digestive tract, gently sweeping the colon of accumulated. Don’t worry: you won’t be chained to a porcelain throne. Perfect Cleanse is a gentle formula with a digestive botanical blend that works while you sleep to promote a healthy, comfortable bowel movements. The formulation includes natural magnesium, salts, fenugreek seed extract, bishop’s weed, peppermint leaf, aloe vera, ginger root, and fennel seed. Perfect Cleanse is an important part of starting your Perfect Weight America Health Plan.


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